To meet the needs of EMS Providers at all levels, these offerings meet and exceed requirements for lecture and practical credits assigned by the State of Michigan.

Course Fee: $125.00


Payment must be made prior to the first day of class.

MFR (EMR): Days 1-2, $125.00
EMT: Days 1-2, $200.00
EMT Specialist (AEMT): Days 1-5, $235.00
Paramedic: Days 1-6, $275.00
-OR- By the Day: $75.00

Additional Fees:

BLS Skills Checks Only (Day 4): $40.00
Online AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers Part 1 Completion Certificate Required

Course Length:
2 days: MFR (EMR) (16 credits)
4 days: EMT (32 credits)
5 days: EMT – Specialist (AEMT) (40 credits)
6 days: Paramedic (48 credits)

25400 W. 8 Mile Rd
Southfield Michigan

Days of the Week:
Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays

9am to 5pm

Students wishing to receive BLS certification will be required to complete an online AHA approved BLS didactic course (BLS for Healthcare Providers Part 1) at www.onlineaha.org prior to CE Day 4 and bring their completion certificate for submission. BLS skills checks will be conducted beginning after 5:00 PM on Day 4 of the CE Course. The fee for a BLS Skills Check is $40.00. Please contact the LSTI Business Office for more information at 248.304.6057.

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Day One (M/E/A/P) Format Cr Hrs Category Notes
Risk Management: Refusals Abandonment L 1.0 Preparatory 24-7 video; discussion; protocol overview
Pediatric Airway Management L 1.0 Spec Cons 24-7 Video; discussion
Supraglottic Airways L 1.0 Airway 24-7 Video; ppt discussion; overview of each airway adjunct
Airway Practical Session I – Basic/Adv P 1.0 Airway Basic/Advanced stations; utilize airway practical check-off form
Trauma Assessment L 1.0 Assessment 24-7 Video; discussion
Trauma Assessment Practical Session P 1.0 Assessment National Registry trauma assessment skill check sheet
Trauma Scenario Practical Session I P 1.0 Trauma Scenarios: severe head injury; roll-over accident; GSW chest injury
Terrorism:  EMS Readiness L 1.0 Operations 24-7 video; discussion;
Day Two (M/E/A/P) Format Cr Hrs Category Notes
Pediatric Assessment L 1.0 Spec Cons Assess 24-7 video; discussion
Pediatric Neonatal Resuscitation L 1.0 Spec Cons Medical 24-7 video; discussion; protocol review
Pediatric Trauma L 1.0 Spec Cons Trauma 24-7 video; discussion
Pediatric Scenario Practical Session I P 1.0 Spec Cons Practical Scenarios: medical; trauma
Pediatric Scenario Practical Session II P 1.0 Spec Cons Practical Scenarios:  OB delivery / neonatal resuscitation
Acute Coronary Syndrome L 1.0 Medical 24-7 video; discussion; protocol review
Medical Scenario Practical Session I P 1.0 Medical scenarios: seizure; stroke; chest pain
Emergency Driving L 1.0 Operations 24-7 video; discussion

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