Veterans Friendly Attributes

At Life Support Training Institute we proudly serve and train veterans and their dependents for rewarding and fulfilling careers in the health care and health service industry. Here are 10 ways our professional staff and faculty are dedicated to helping you achieve your educational goals:

1. LSTI is an Approved Training Agency to Cover Cost of Tuition for Military Veterans and Dependents?

LSTI is approved by the Michigan State Approval Agency of the Department of Education to accept funding for military personnel and their dependents to cover the cost of tuition for EMS initial education courses. Please contact your military training counselor to verify your eligibility for educational benefits.

2. Generous Transfer Credit Policies

LSTI can provide an excellent opportunity to transfer credits, through our college articulation agreements, which veterans may have earned while in the military and attending college, EMT training and accreditation classes or American Heart Association classes. Your military service training in EMT or EMS may also be considered as possible credit or transfer credit consistent with MDHHS guidelines. LSTI does not offer Advanced Placement credit.

3. Veteran Support

Transition comes with the job of serving in the military. LSTI understands this and offers on-going support to all service members. This benefit is also available to military family members and their dependents through academic counseling, web-based assessment testing, adultery learner evaluations, and state-of-the-art classroom and clinical training environments that focus on NREMT certification requirements.

4. Veteran Counseling

At LSTI, our staff will work with you to make your transition from military life to a professional training environment seamless and simple. Our administrative staff understands how to help navigate all administrative paperwork to ensure you get a top quality education while attending EMS initial education programs at LSTI. Job placement options for all military students and tuition reimbursement opportunities are also available and are reviewed during student orientation.

5. Special Policies for Deployments

LSTI does not penalize military students who may be called back to active service while attending classes. Service members who are deployed or given TDY or PCS order that interfere with their course work are able to request a leave of absence (military withdrawal). Documentation must be submitted to verify the student’s status and approved military withdrawals result in no financial or academic penalties for students. Students may also be able to resume their studies depending upon the course work required upon their return.

6. Accreditation

Military students may need to be certain the certification they earn carries real career value so choosing an accredited school is crucial. Academic and institutional accreditation provides students with confidence that a school can deliver on its promise of academic quality and financial stability. LSTI is currently approved by the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services and the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS) to offer all levels of EMS initial education programs.

7. Course Orientation

Making the transition back to civilian life is a challenge, adding the transition to training programs can be challenging too. LSTI provides student orientation for all EMS initial education courses and our staff is available to answer any questions that you may have. Please contact us at 866-FOR-LSTI for more info.

8. Student Veteran Groups

As a military friendly school, LSTI will assist all military students in connecting with local students veteran clubs and organizations as mutual support groups.

9. Flexible Course Schedule Options

LSTI understands that not every military student can attend classes during the day. For that reason we offer evening and weekend classes to accommodate busy workday schedules. Most of LSTI’s classes are offered at convenient times and campus locations that accommodate the military student’s highly mobile schedule. Our goal is to allow you the flexibility to continue your education no matter what your military or job demands might be with options of day, evening, and weekend courses.

10. Understanding that not all students are 18 years and single

Student veterans have families to support and educate. For such students, we offer exceptional support services that encourage vocational training as well as college degree pathways. LSTI administrative staff members can assist students in obtaining information and/or providing referrals in many areas including admissions, childcare, tutoring and study skills. The goal is in facilitating the non-traditional learner to transition to LSTI by providing the necessary resources to help overcome challenges and concerns specific to the military student.

2019 LSTI EMS Initial Education Course Fees:

  • Paramedic Course – $7,500.00
  • EMT – Specialist Course – $2,2500.00
  • EMT Course – $2,000.00
  • EMR Course – $475.00

“GI Bill is registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information regarding education benefits offered by the VA is available at the official U.S. government website at“.